6 - 17 January 2022, Hana Bank Place 1, Seoul

The second StART+ exhibition “StART+ X Kpop.art” opens in Seoul on Thursday 6 January until Friday 17 January 2022. The curated exhibition will feature original and Limited-Edition artworks by Ohnim, Yooyeon, HENRY LAU, Kang Hui, Ellis Ahn & Choi Nari. Hosted at Hana Bank’s Place 1 Seoul headquarters the show provides opportunity to view original artworks by some of Korea’s most popular pop-culture figures.

A wide variety of limited edition merchandise and artwork, some not yet seen will be available to purchase online via StART.art, through Naver Shop and in-person during the exhibition.

Participating artists: Ohnim, Yooyeon, HENRY LAU, Kang Hui, Ellis Ahn & Choi Nari

StART+ is StART Art Global’s latest initiative that aims to further the careers and provide important international exposure for emerging artists.  The series of curated selling exhibitions includes artworks that have been selected from StART Art Global’s extensive roster of independent artists and galleries. Each iteration is unique presenting a snapshot of the global contemporary art world today. StART+ enables artists to introduce their works to collectors, influencers, media and art-world figures in iconic, international locations including, London, New York, Zurich and Seoul.