Third Edition: 70 Galleries from 25 Countries

The third edition of StART, presented by Prudential, closed on 18th September 2016 to positive critical acclaim.

Visitors included established British collectors such as Richard Greer, Fatima Maleki, Cathy Wills, Lord and Lady Glentoran and Sigrid Kirk; the new generation of London collectors including Kaimar Maleki and Will de Quetteville together with international collectors such as Geetika Jain and Elijah Widjaja. StART Projects 2016 focused on emerging Middle Eastern art with a presentation from Iraqi-Canadian artist Mahmoud Obaidi and a space he curated on young Qatari artists addressing the challenges faced by urbanisation and globalisation in the Middle East. StART 2016 featured 70 galleries from over 40 cities around the world. is an online e-commerce platform