Exhibiting Artist: Mai Yoneyama

Born in Nagano, Japan, Mai Yononama started her career as an animator at the animation production company GAINAX (representative work; “Neon Genesis EVANGELION”).

After that, she worked at TRIGGER, an anime production company that is highly regarded both in Japan and abroad. There, she was in charge of the animation director for “Kill la Kill” and the character design for “Kiznaiver” and other aspects of the works, and she emerged as a force to be reckoned with. In the 2019 Japanese massive hit animated film “PROMARE”, having played a central role in visual development and other aspects of the work, she has a definite presence in the animation and illustration industry.

Mai has also been remarkably active as an illustrator, such as working on the main visual for the EVANGELION fashion brand “RADIO EVA”. And she held a solo exhibition “SHE” in 2019 and a solo exhibition “EGO” in 2021, her activities as an artist gain momentum.

Her works are characterised by the depiction that you can feel the flow of emotions and movements, which is the result of the fusion of a broad and deep sensibility that includes not only Japanese but also Asian elements, and an expressive ability to convey situations backed by the outstanding skills of an outstanding animator.

“For me, drawing animation is an act that reminds me of the preciousness of the moment. I like the state that is created by extending the moment of a single frame, preparing many of them, and establishing a flow of movement by moving them back and forth, so that all the moments are interacting with each other, so I made it into my work.”

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