‘A Feast for the Eyes’ : Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy

Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy is a contemporary painter born in South East London, UK, with both Italian and Ghanaian parentage.

"My personal practice aims to amalgamate factors including my mixed heritage, dyslexia and self-diagnosed ADHD to form new allegorical realms which use visual imagery to both embrace as well as challenge our conventional norms. My interest in sport stems partially from my own personal exploration of the human body, its physicality and the social dynamics surrounding it.


My practice is predominantly inspired by the everyday world and the human condition. It addresses contemporary themes surrounding childhood, self, dreams, sporting and stardom through the medium of iconographic imagery. I portray this through my own personal lens as a 22 year old, Londoner, mixed- race, heterosexual male.


Whilst what takes place within the image certainly has an intrinsic meaning, I also view the paintings to be somewhat allegorical and representational. Intentionally bringing the view to contemplate and direct their attention at these almost absurd moments of the human condition".

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