‘A Feast for the Eyes’ : Hanne Peeraer

Hanne Peeraer (b. 1998) is a Belgian artist who grew up in Italy and is currently living, working and studying in London.

She obtained her BA(Hons) in Fine Art, Painting, at Wimbledon College of Arts, and is a recent graduate from the MA Painting at the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited her work in the UK, Belgium, France. In 2021, she was selected for New Contemporaries and received a grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation.

Her work is a puzzle of gut intuition and calculated thinking. Images from novels, the physics of light, the history of labyrinths, sacred geometry and origami, and dreamscapes are turned into objects. She looks for materials in which to infuse the image: this includes things like plaster that partially absorbs each layer of paint, or translucent paper that catches and reflects the light. They become fossils of a familiar yet alien nature, repeatedly asking encoded questions with answers that are never really there.

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