‘A Feast for the Eyes’ : Adam Boyd

Adam Boyd recently completed an MFA at The Slade School of Fine Art, London and holds a Bachelor’s from Glasgow School of Art (2016).

He has been selected for the Euan Uglow Scholarship and the George & Cordelia Oliver Scholarship. Boyd has generated three solo exhibitions in Glasgow, Solaristics (2018), Synthespians (2019) & Causal Thread (2022). In 2021, Boyd had a solo show in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland after a  month-long residency at SÍM, Reykjavík. Individual works have been exhibited in several group exhibitions in the UK and abroad (Tokyo, Hokkaido, New York, Reykjavik). Boyd was recently selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2022.

The content Boyd is drawn to, tends to embrace the fugitive, immaterial or ethereal. He employs diverse craft-biased channels, in order to materialise these fleeting observations. Boyd often documents phenomena refracted by the urban environment, permeating the domestic. His research orbits pop cultural and art historical content which, in turn, harbour traces of much wider philosophical and scientific debate.

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