Exhibiting Artist: Pedro Sousa Louro

Pedro Sousa Louro is hugely inspired by his favourite artists, Francis Bacon and the abstract cubist Ben Nickolson, but also finds himself drawn to many other great masters in art. It is from them that he finds himself creating  artwork. In his artistic abstract expressionism and cubist language, he tries not to stick with just one technique he achieves what he wants in the geometrical creativity and almost architectural statement. Pedro focuses only on the compact geometric detailed balance of each composition he designs and concentrates his attention on the final details, such as making each colour interact and building an artist's creative personal statement.

A textural tangibility is immediately evident in Pedro Sousa Louro’s work. Earthy and material-focused, an unassuming beauty is found within the play between dark woods and a muddied palette. Furthermore, geometry plays a crucial role here, as clean white lines converse with blocks of muted colour. There is an almost archival, collage-like approach to applying materials and hues. It is as if Sousa Louro has assumed the archaeologist role, unearthing forgotten  layers of history. Educated at Chelsea College of Arts, Sousa Louro is among the most talked-about LGBTQ artists.

Pedro has collectors around the globe, including Europe, the Middle East, India, Australia, the US, Russia and South America. 

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