Exhibiting Artist: Estelle Rodriguez

Estelle Rodriguez is a captivating abstract artist hailing from Belgium. At 29 years old, Estelle has already made her mark with numerous exhibitions, including her debut solo show at Brussels' Attitude Gallery.

With an innate emotional depth, Estelle has always found solace and freedom in the realm of art, using it as her expressive language to bridge the gap between her innermost self and others.

Her latest series, « Chaotic Balance » explores hypersensitivity, shedding light on her own experience. Her artworks beautifully illustrate the tumultuous landscape of emotional intensity. In their ever-shifting state, emotions mirror the ceaseless motion of the sea, concealing inherent beauty in their depths.

Estelle employs epoxy resin interwoven between layers of acrylic paints, capturing the profound depth of emotions. With her ability to transform vulnerability into empowerment, Estelle Rodriguez beckon viewers to embark on an introspective journey, embracing the duality of chaos and balance that resides within us all.

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