StART Art Fair London
11-15 October 2023

Saatchi Gallery, 11-15 October

150+ Emerging Artists
11-15 October 2023

Exhibitors 2023

The fair showcases galleries & individual contemporary artists from around the world.

StART 2023 Catalogue

Click above to download and view the StART 2023 catalogue which showcases all of our amazing galleries, individual artists and projects.

Featured artist

StART Catalogue

Olivia de Posson is an Energy artist. Light is her language: bypassing words to communicate directly with the soul. Energy being invisible; how to describe Olivia? She plunges into the depths of the unconscious to discover the light within, choosing vibrate bliss. Allowing each day to be sacred.
The StART catalogue contains information on all our amazing exhibitors and projects for this year's edition.
11 - 15 October 2023 SAATCHI GALLERY, LONDON

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StART is a contemporary art fair that takes place at Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea, London.

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