Exhibiting Artist: Taeho KIM

Taeho KIM (b.1948, Busan, Korea). He graduated from the College of Fine Arts at Hongik University in Seoul, where he majored in painting (1972), and received an MFA from the Graduate School of Education at Hongik University (1984). Currently, Kim lives and works in Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

When discussing my work, the most common words I hear are words such as “artisan spirit,” “consistency,” and “thoroughly planned from the beginning of the work’s concept.” Of course, I try to show my ability or image as much as I can while planning, calculating, and envisioning. However, it is a work of art that can expect a bigger gift than planned. After repeating the act of applying, coating, and covering countless colours, the thickened paint layer is peeled again. At this time, when the inner layers of colour are revealed, the human images melted in the numerous repetitions that have been carried out before are unfolded. Perhaps that’s why recent works have more and more layers of colour than early works, and more various underlying works occur. The experience and feeling are bound to double as much as the years of life, so the work seems to become more dense.


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