Exhibiting Artist: Matteo Montani

Matteo Montani ( b. 1972 Rome) lives and works in Bologna, Italy. In his practice Montani aims to connect the history of the eye and vision.

Where the eye becomes a sensitive filter. He associates the pictorial space to a threshold, to a subtle screen suspended between two dimensions as a frontier, a passage. Montani paints something possibly situated between the eye and the soul, an unknown place that could be defined as the rift between the physical world and the spiritual, in its dissolving. 

He has participated in exhibitions at renowned international and Italian Contemporary Art galleries including Galleria L’Attico (Roma), Otto Gallery (Bologna), Luca Tommasi (Milano), and Galleria Bonomo (Bari-Roma) and The Elkon Gallery (New York). Additionally he participated in the XV Quadriennale d’Arte of Rome. In 2018 he won the Michetti Prize and in 2021 he realised a permanent wall painting at Museo Manzù in Ardea (Rome).  His work has been exhibited in many museums and is in present in numerous public and private collections: Museo D’Arte di Ravenna (2008), Museum Am Dom, Würzburg (2011), Museo Hendrick C. Andersen, Roma (2013), Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Lissone (2017), Serlachius Museum, Mänttä, Finland(2019), Galleria d’Arte Moderna - Palazzo Collicola, Spoleto (2022), National Gallery of Modern Art - Rome, Artefiera Collection - Bologna, Italy;  Benetton Collection - Treviso, Unicredit Collection - Milan, La Quadriennale Foundation - Rome, Museum of Art - Ravenna, Vatican Museums –  Vatican City, Andersen Museum - Rome, Ernesto Esposito Collection - Napoli,  Würzburg Cathedral - Germany; Museum Burg - Miltenberg, Novartis Corporated - Whippanny (New Jersey), VAF Foundation - Frankfurt Am Mein, Serlachius Museum - Mänttä, Finland.

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