Exhibiting Artist: Kim Tae-Ho

The 'Internal Rhythm' series of works begins with continuous awareness and research on the essence of painting. Without compromising the intrinsic meaning of the painting, greater importance is placed on the autonomy of the painting itself. Pure painting is a formative work that uses colour and form and has a flatness and consists in pursuing a series of artistic independence from the flatness of painting.

Specifically, the work "Internal Rhythm" was painted with multiple layers of paint on the lower layer of the surface, which appeared to be a single-colour surface, and then cut down with lines suggesting images through artistic symbols and codes. The monochromatic surface shown here is only a surface appearance, and there are numerous layers of colours accumulated over and over on the actual surface and its lower layers. The countless lines, i.e., signs, shown on the screen are not simply 'drawn', but are the lines that emerge from the colour layers of the work themselves as a result of the process of adding patience and strongly 'sharpening' the colour layers with a sharp chisel knife. It is based on the paradox that self-disclosure is completed by erasing and filtering.

Just like Sisyphus's act of rolling back a stone that has been raised to the top, the process of constantly repainting and scraping paint on the campus is an art of perpetual repetition. The repetition of action contains the spirit of oriental circulation in itself, in which creation and extinction coincide on one screen.

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