Exhibiting Artist: Kian84

Kian84 is a webtoon artist who has serialised webtoon for a decade. In 2021, he finalised the series, called ‘the King of a man who came back to school (Bok hak wang)’, and he recently has entered the world of Pop Art.

By characterising the artist, himself, the story unfolds as a single scene on the canvas of the various experiences he experienced as a child, and university student, soldier in his twenties, and after his thirties.

"I have been living as a 'webtoon artist' for over a decade, and luckily, broadcasting activities have been carried out at the same time.

Finally, my 1st solo exhibition is organised. While creating the artwork, I looked back on who I am. And I realised that I was a greedy person. I wanted to draw webtoons well, do broadcast activities well, and make more money. To be honest, I wanted all of "Money, Fame and Love.“

I thought that my preference for Buddha's spirit of non-possession may be an expression of my desire to possess even the spirit of non-possession. So, I wanted to tell a story about the desires that everyone has.“

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