Exhibiting Artist: Kate Trafeli

Kate Trafeli is a London based American-British visual artist originally from the Western United States.

Trafeli makes deeply layered narrative-abstract paintings and objects employing saturated, sophisticated colourways. Storylines and meanings within her works are open-ended for the viewer to interpret and perceive independently and emotively. Colour theory, symbolism, music, literature, memory, history and synesthesia all inform Trafeli’s approaches to her work.

Trafeli received her degree (BA) in fine art (painting) and English literature from Gonzaga University (Washington State, USA). Trafeli also lived in Boston, New Orleans and Los Angeles, as well as in Italy for ten years. Being an insider/outsider to these very different cultures has deepened, and continues to strongly impact, her work.

Trafeli exhibits in the UK, Japan and the United States with well regarded galleries and independently, and at selected curated fairs such as the London Art Fair and StART.

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