Exhibiting Gallery: Washington Green

Washington Green is the UK's largest art publisher and unites some of the finest painters and most collectable artists in the contemporary art world. As an award-winning art publisher, the company specialises in representing the very best art through their network of galleries - Castle Fine Art.

As the retail division of Washington Green, Castle Fine Art comprises of 40 commercial galleries nationwide which exclusively sell only the artwork of Washington Green. Original artworks are translated into affordable quality collectable limited editions and sculpture and this translation is a unique marriage between publisher and artist. Committed to their motto: Your World, Our Art®, they are on their journey to make art accessible for all.

For StART 2022 Washington green will present Illuminati Neon’s IN 1977 I WANNA GO TO HEAVEN… a 21st century immersive punk experience

Using the latest Samsung technology, and through the glowing art of Illuminati Neon, this exhibition takes you back to 1977 and the Kings Road punk scene. History reimagined through the artist’s eyes.

London based artist Mark Sloper (A.K.A Mark Illuminati) draws on his real punk roots and lifelong passion for rock music for his dynamic neon art works. When British punk rock bands took over London’s cultural scene in the 1970s, Sloper became drawn to the punk subculture, eventually becoming close friends with some of the movement's pioneers and troubadours.

Using vintage and historic flags, clothing and distressed materials, each neon art piece is hand blown in Illuminati's west London studio. His works are also available in print form with each piece individually painted and customised with hand applied gems and crystals before being framed by the artist in hand sourced and customised ornate frames.

⁣Illuminati is collected by musicians, actors and Hollywood stars across the globe who are often seen photographed with their works: from Danny Dyer to Trey Parker, Boy George, Elton John and of course multiple punk icons themselves including members of The Sex Pistols.

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