Exhibiting Artists: Chae Mihyun & Dr. Jung

The artistic team Chae Mi-Hyun & Dr. Jung is a dynamic duet based in Daejeon. The academic backgrounds of these two artists are diverse, just like their media; Mi-Hyun Chae graduated with an MFA in 1982, whereas Dr. Jung (Hyunkey Jung) graduated with a PhD in Geophysics in 1986.

Their unusual choice of media, from lasers, sensor vibration machines, to seismographic equipment is based on their attempt to print the essence of the elements about the world, people and politics that inspire or trigger them to raise their voice.

Since 1981, they have been participating in exhibitions in the UK, China as well as the Republic of Korea, and have received several awards, including: 2000 Korea Arts & Culture Education – Selected as the best exhibition artist of the year, Seoul. 1998 Korea Arts & Culture Education, ‘98 Creative Research – “High Technology Laser Art”, Seoul. 1995 Kongsan Art Festival - Grand Prize, Dongah Gallery, Seoul. 1981, 1982 “JoongAng Daily Art Exhibition” Hoam Art Museum, Seoul. 2004-2005 National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Changdong Residency, Seoul.

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