Exhibiting Artist: Byungjong KIM

Byungjong KIM (b.1953) is an artist and writer with his own style of painting that encompasses Eastern and Western tradition and modernity. He graduated with bachelor’s and master’s courses from Seoul National University of Painting in 1974.

He experienced to win the Presidential Award at the National University of America in 1979. Additionally, he was elected in the art criticism and drama category in the Dong-A Ilbo and the JoongAng Ilbo's New Spring Literary Arts in 1980. After graduating from his master’s course, he started teaching at the Seoul National University of painting in 1983, finally, became a professor of Oriental Painting at Seoul National University in 1985, and was appointed as the dean of the university, the director of Seoul National University's Art Museum in 2001. Currently, he has a position as the chair professor at Gachon University.

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