Complementing START’s ethos of presenting up and coming artists and galleries are a series of curated projects that reflect our global agenda to further START’s reputation of combining credible and critically acclaimed exhibitions alongside the compelling gallery showcases.



Artist, musician and member of top K-POP band Winner

In my paintings I use the harmony of shapes and colours as a way to capture the fleeting emotions that one cannot express through words.

In this day and age I feel that language itself cannot function in its right form. I wanted to create another type of communication, where the remnants of our feelings that are buried and hidden away, can be conveyed through simple and distorted shapes.

The inability to have real inter-personal relationships and human touch in the world we currently live in has made me realise that I am unable to escape feelings of emptiness and hollowness. In my work I try to capture the moments where I realise these primitive emotions, which I had previously tried to deny.


Artist, musician and member of top K-Pop band Winner

Kang Seung-yoon is an accomplished musician, actor, photographer and member of hit K-pop band

Winner. Kang’s passion for photography has become increasingly important to him in recent years.

He unveiled his photography practice at Korean Eye 2020: Creativity and Daydream in Seoul under the name Yooyeon.


Artist, actor, producer and musician

Henry is an artist, actor, producer and classically trained musician of Chinese-Canadian heritage. Last year Henry took-up pendulum painting, he treats each canvas as a performance meticulously planning each piece, yet embracing the sometimes unexpected and unpredictability of paint.

He debuted this series publicly under the name HENRY LAU at Korean Eye 2020: Creativity and
Daydream in Seoul, June 2021.

Spotlight Italia

For the first time ever, StART meets Italy and will devote Spotlight Italia, a special area in the StART Projects section, to the work of seven contemporary Italian artists.

Curated by Serenella Ciclitira and Marco Tonelli and, this high powered showcase of contemporary Italian art is realized with and supported by the Italian Embassy in London, thanks to the impulse of H.E. the Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta.


Cape Town, South Africa

Bassa Aspinall (b.1972) is a self-taught, contemporary urban pop artist, whose works have astonished and amazed the global art world. His visionary use of light, texture, colour - most
remarkably with ultra violet and Italian ‘maimeri’ paints - on grand canvases create eye-catching reflections with three-dimensional perspectives. The mutability of position combined with the solidity of his archetypal colour-blocking commands great attention to his works. They become a centrifugal force, in every setting.

Bassa shies away from notoriety, but has a respect for the experiences of lineage. The art speaks for itself. But through his works you see the nuances of how the past leads to great artistic inspiration. Bassa is the youngest son of Lady Sarah Curzon Aspinall and the late John Aspinall, the zoo-keeper extraordinaire, wildlife conservationist and world famous gambling host. Bassa’s artworks not only reflect the vivacity of animal life, but the passionate animosity of human experience. Gaining inspiration also from pop icons and culture, Bassa’s work is truly alive.

A multitude of his works can be found hanging in private collections around the world. Bassa delights in the challenges from commissions, that inspire and express his skilful abilities, bringing to life all the dimensions of reality.

Chris Fallows

Cape Town, South Africa

South African-born Chris Fallows’ work represents authenticity, intimacy and emotion. The engaging manner in which he photographs his wild subjects bears testimony to the decades he has spent in some of the world’s remotest regions, uniquely working in all three realms of ocean, air and earth.

Fallows’ work has appeared in more than 60 international documentaries including BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Released in July 2020, Fallows’ limited edition series includes some of the world’s most recognisable fine art wildlife photographs. It is a timeous reflection of global shifts towards sustainability and co-existence. The series has received widespread critical acclaim.

Marie Jordan

Cape Town, South Africa / Monaco

Marie Jordan (b. 1958). After having played international basketball and county golf all her life, Marie had to find a new outlet when health became an issue for her. With her love for travel, nature and the great outdoors, photography was an easy progression and became her next hobby. In 2011 Marie’s children presented her with her first camera and life took off again.

To date, Marie has sold many photography works in the UK and South Africa donating the proceeds to charity. Since her husband’s retirement from motor racing, the couple has spent their winters in Cape Town and Marie loves to travel in Africa. The photographs presented at StART were taken in Kolmanskop, Namibia, once among the richest towns in Africa in the early 1900’s before it was deserted and slowly reclaimed by the Namib Desert in the late 1920s.

Steinbrueck Native Gallery

Seattle, USA

The Steinbrueck Gallery is committed to respectfully sharing artwork made exclusively by members of the indigenous communities of the Pacific Northwest. Since its inception, it has become the leading venue for both traditional and contemporary artists of the Northwest Coast, Alaska and the Arctic. The gallery is dedicated to enhancing and cultivating the appreciation and awareness of the cultural art and traditions of the region.

The contemporary Oweekeno artist and painter Steve Smith - Dla’kwagila is widely regarded for his unusual abstraction of the structures of traditional design and for his exceptional use of colour theory as a way to elevate and electrify his work. He began working in his full contemporary conceptual style in 2013, after experiencing and surviving a quadruple heart bypass at the age of 44.

He has since been acclaimed and collected by individuals and institutions around the world.

Amaranta Peña C.

Quito, Ecuador / Winner of the Ciclitira Prize 2020

G. Amaranta Peña Carrasco is captivated by the symbolism of stories, myths and rituals. She brings them to life in her paintings and through the sounds of her hand-crafted ceramic instruments.

Born in 1986, she completed her bachelor´s degree in Applied Anthropology in 2015 at the Salesiana University in Quito. Her interest in holistic well-being and in liberal arts education led her to explore the fine arts and crafts of different cultures and in 2020 she completed her Master in Arts at the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts.

Her practice is inspired by the materials and shapes found in the natural world and wildlife of her native Ecuador. Today she lives there with her family, developing an art community on the slopes of the Ilaló volcano.

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