Exhibiting Artist: George Petrides (Greece)

George Petrides, who lives and works in New York City and Athens, Greece, creates figurative sculpture that is both timeless and contemporary, in sizes ranging from tabletop to over-lifesize pieces for outdoor placement. He is informed by ancient Greek sculpture and the works that it influenced through the Renaissance, into the 20th century (Rodin, Maillol, Moore) to contemporary sculptors such as Ray and Bhabha. He is concerned with the human experience in the form of the body and the head, exploring the beauty and the imperfection of people and of life.

His current focus is the over-lfesize Hellenic Heads series, interpreting key periods of Greek history from the classical era through the Nazi occupation to the present.  

While pursuing a successful career in finance, he studied drawing, painting and sculpture over a period of 20 years at the New York Studio School, whose famous students include Christopher Wool and Cecily Brown. He transitioned to being a professional artist and exhibits in New York, Athens, Mykonos, Monaco, London and Dubai.

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