Exhibiting Artists: Barnabás Lakatos Gelléri, Petra Combarro, Gergő Kovách

David Kovats represents a cross-section of Hungarian and Eastern European contemporary artists whose work is underrepresented internationally. The gallery aims to highlight the emergence of an exciting contemporary art scene and bring works of significant artists to a wider circle of collectors.

For START 2021, David Kovats showcases young queer artist Barnabás Lakatos Gelléri whose large-scale canvases are awash with sensual, radiant colours, freely adopting the palette of Pop Art or even Fauvism, with the gestures of Neo-Expressionism; Petra Combarro who delves into the wreckage of domesticity, crafting sculpture from a bricolage of porcelain figurines: “I strive to transform the banal, sugary universe of knick- knacks into original creations,”; and Combarro’s husband Gergő Kovách who also pushes his art to the frontier of kitsch. A mythmaker by nature, Kovách combines art history, folk tales and pop culture to weave up-close social narratives in a broad range of mediums, often employing small-scale sculptural scenes to humorously puncture mainstream niceties.

Presale for StART