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Fara Thomas

Artist Featured: Fara Thomas (USA)

Fara Thomas, an Iranian American artist whose work is concerned with colour, texture, and reflection, inviting the viewer to explore beauty and challenge boundaries.

Fara Thomas - Chromatic Bubbles

Thomas’ first point of impact is colour as a form of energy which stimulates our perceptual processes and is vital in conveying emotions. Depth, texture, and reflective surfaces are the subtleties which are experienced upon further observation.

The artist’s works are a summation of many layers of handmade pigments from semi-precious stones to organic dyes, suspended in epoxy resin on wood panels. Thomas’s large-scale abstract pieces present an infinite depth that blends the foreground and background seamlessly. Her aim is to force the viewer to slow down our perceptual behavior, which is trained to grasp facts quickly in our everyday life, these images allow seeing to be experienced as a complex process.

Fara Thomas - Cobalt Beach

Overlapping layers, built upon each other, layers can be perceived as autonomous abstractions, or dependent elements which create new and convoluted images, making the viewer’s eye constantly travel through the image, moving from one imaginary space to the other.

Her paintings interact with the space in which they are exhibited and connect the viewer within their reflective qualities. Depth pulls the viewer in while the many reflections push the viewer out, inspiring audiences to ponder, imagine and feel.

Fara Thomas - Glacial Cravasse
Fara Thomas - Falling Smoke
Fara Thomas - Lemon River
Fara Thomas - Midnight Abyss
Fara Thomas - Lemon River
Fara Thomas - Spring Party
Fara Thomas - Balloon Race
Fara Thomas - Chromatic Clouds

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