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Shtager Gallery

Exhibiting Artists:
Yusuke Akamatsu (Japan-France)
Sergey Kozlov (Russia-UK)
Katya Kesic (Russia-UK)
Marina Alexeeva (Russia)

Shtager Gallery was founded in St Petersburg by Marina Shtager, a Russian-born art historian, Mariinsky Theatre spokeswoman and gallerist with 15 years of experience. In 2016, the gallery relocated to London where it has been acting as a contemporary art gallery and an experimental space.

Yusuke Akamatsu - Basic Way of Thinking

Shtager will present Yusuke Akamatsu (Japan-France), Sergey Kozlov (Russia-UK), Katya Kesic (Russia-UK), and Marina Alexeeva (Russia) at START 2021.

Yusuke Akamatsu (b. 1967) works with the techniques of collage, assemblage and montage, blending diferent mediums and disciplines to produce unique poetic works, exploring the complexity of human existence.

Sergey Kozlov (b. 1979) started out his artistic journey with drawing pencil portraits of his beloved ones and over the years has progressed towards more complex aesthetic depictions on the canvas. He often experiments with the new materials and always pushes the limits of the mediums he employs.

Katia Kesic (b. 1986) explores the human body as a memory vessel which collects traces of one’s reality/inner subjectivity and their imagination. Whether it is a view from a Moscow flat emerged from memory, the African fabric patterns of Brixton, or the cosmic and esoteric symbols of past and current trends in media and fashion and their aesthetics - she uses them all as information sources for her works.

Marina Alexeeva, a Russian media-art pioneer with her unique digital Life Boxes installation will show at START for the third time.

Yusuke Akamatsu - They Live
Yusuke Akamatsu - They Live
Katia Kesic - You Are Beautiful
Katia Kesic - Black Magic Marina Alexeeva - Life Box
Sergey Kozlov - Colour Burst Sergey Kozlov - Angry Bees
Sergey Kozlov - Unknown Planet
Sergey Kozlov - Pot

Shtager will also stage a presentation entitled “One Wall Graduate Show” in support of art graduates who could not exhibit their works due to the cancelation of most graduate shows as the result of the current pandemic. The gallery will dedicate one whole wall of their booth to showcasing works from selected London-based graduates. Following an Open Call for application, successful candidates will be announced in late March.”

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