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Shtager Gallery

Exhibiting Artists:
Yusuke Akamatsu (Japan-France)
Sergey Kozlov (Russia-UK)
Katya Kesic (Russia-UK)
Marina Alexeeva (Russia)

Shtager Gallery specialising in Russian and international contemporary art has been active in London for five years. Using her expertise from St Petersburg, Russia’s centre of liberal thinking and culture, founder Marina Shtager endeavours to introduce significant Russian and international contemporary artists to the British audience. 

Yusuke Akamatsu - Basic Way of Thinking
Marina Alexeeva - Office

Shtager primarily aims to establish and foster the growing dialogue between Russian and Eastern European artistic practices and their international counterparts, promoting collaboration, mutual understanding and cross-cultural synergy. 

Through its various activities and programmes, Shtager aims to bring their audience a sense of connection with artistic contexts and concepts, enabling them to register aesthetic nuances and implications hidden from the naked eye.

The gallery represents Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai (b. 1969, Russia), Russia’s representative at the 58th Venice Biennale, digital art pioneer Marina Alexeeva (b. 1959, Russia), acclaimed painters Vitaly Pushnitsky (b. 1967, Russia) and Katya Granova (b. 1988, Russia), Japanese multimedia artist and filmmaker Yusuke Akamatsu (b. 1967, Japan), and London-based sculptor Katia Kesic (b. 1986, UK), amongst others.

Yusuke Akamatsu - Bustle (left)
Yusuke Akamatsu - Bustle (right)
Yusuke Akamatsu - The End of Tokyo Culture (left)
Yusuke Akamatsu - The End of Tokyo Culture (right)
Katia Kesic - You Are Beautiful
Katia Kesic - Black Magic
Katia Kesic - Let Me Tell You What Happens Nex
Katia Kesic - Look No Further
Sergey Kozlov - Unknown Planet
Sergey Kozlov - Pot

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