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Ranya Rao

Exhibiting Artist: Ranya Rao (India)

Ranya Rao was on the other side of the camera working as an actress in India before finding herself entranced by the power of photography and the natural world.

Ranya Rao - The Journey

While on safari in Kenya during a break between movies, Ranya was intrigued by the world behind the lens. She experimented with a few techniques and found her artistic direction changed for good. Ranya later joined award winning Australian photography artist Tony Hewitt’s mentorship programme in Perth where she sharpened her black and white photography skills enabling her to capture the soul and emotion of the natural world.

Ranya’s photographic journey is powered by the beauty of the natural world and humanity’s responsibility towards nature. She will be exhibiting her first black and white photography collection “Born Free” at START Art Fair 2021.

Ranya Rao - Time
Ranya Rao - This Water
Ranya Rao - Shoreline
Ranya Rao - His Kingdom

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