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Premium Pages Collective

Exhibiting Artists: Jung In Sook

Premium Pages Collective is a subsidiary of Premium Pages, a strategic arts management and consultancy company based in Singapore since 2010. Premium Pages represents and promotes international artists in selected art fairs throughout Asia and Europe.

Jung In Sook - Overthere Table 2

The gallery proudly presents South Korean artist Jung In Sook. A graduate in Fine Art from Yale Design Academy and Ewha Woman’s University with over 30 years of practice, In Sook has exhibited internationally including in the US, China, France, South Korea and Singapore.

Jung In Sook - Overthere Season - Autumn

Her paintings express sound and emotion through different colours. She uses a plethora of pigments which overlap one another to portray the pure spirit of colours. 

Multiple layers of different coloured paint carry their own distinct history and narrative, yet collectively communicating with viewers through their “whispers” in her work.

Jung In Sook - Overthere Season - Spring
Jung In Sook - Overthere Season - Summer
Jung In Sook - Overthere Season - Winter
Jung In Sook - Overthere Winds #1

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