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Laurence Poole

Exhibiting Artist: Laurence Poole  (UK)

Laurence Poole (b. 1963, London) lives and works in Hastings on the south coast of England. He is an alumnus of Croydon College of Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design, the University of Brighton and the California Sculpture Academy.

Laurence Poole - Model Cars

Laurence assembles objets trouvés to celebrate vintage product design, in doing so creating an archive of objects that fashioned our past. Model cars are tokens of playtime. Cameras are troves of captured moments. The eras these objects belong to and our idiosyncratic reactions to them often induce a palpable sense of nostalgia.

Laurence Poole - Vintage Cameras
Laurence Poole - African Masks

During the assemblage construction Laurence’s unique visual sensibility pursues a mesmeric aesthetic, which aims to capture and captivate through the juxtaposition of line, material, tone, colour, function and context.

Laurence’s assemblage works are exhibited at START 2021 alongside signed limited print editions.

Laurence Poole - Camera Print
Laurence Poole - Orange Vinyl Records
Laurence Poole - Cameras on Coloured Panels
Laurence Poole - Vinatge Telephones
Laurence Poole - Astronaut
Laurence Poole - White Cars on Orange

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Laurence Poole -  Black Records Print

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