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One East Asia

Exhibiting Artists: To be announced

ONE EAST ASIA is a Singapore-based art advisory and management organisation founded in April 2010. It is dedicated to enriching the appreciation of Southeast Asian Art globally through exhibitions in Singapore and London, international art fairs and not-for-profit education events.

Jotyl Jan B. Bermudez - Prelude to Sanity

One East Asia is the sole, officially appointed representative of the Sudjojono Centre in Singapore, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the great Indonesian painter S. Sudjojono (1913-1986)

Andres Barrioquinto - Autumn Nocturne

In her most recent work “I’m Beginning to See the Light”, the artist is embracing light in many forms. The iridescent and metallic paint reflects the light and the water bends it, as the Northern sky gives the scene a muted, milky illumination. More recent work uses light and an impasto application of paint in order to extend the light from the surface of the canvas into the viewer’s own space.

The iridescent pigments create an ethereal dreamlike space through the various ways they refract light based on the viewer’s position in relation to a light source, drawing attention to the physical phenomena associated with perception.

Abi Dionisio - The Lighthouse
Abi Dionisio - The Lighthouse
The Alarcon Brothers - UTOL
The Alarcon Brothers - UTOL (Glow in the Dark) version
Alvin Tan Teck Heng - The Sound of Silence
Jayson Cortez - The Royal

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