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Hannah Nijsten

Exhibiting Artist: Hannah Nijsten

British artist Hannah Nijsten explores unique techniques to add depth to her paintings both physically and metaphorically, inviting viewers to deeply engage with her works. 

Hannah Nijsten - Mais Oui

For START 2021, Nijsten presents her Black Square series. The works explore the interaction of light and reflection achieved by alternating matte and gloss black paint on the surface of each artwork, creating smooth areas interlaced with raised edges and ridges. Nijsten aspires to explore the visual representation of the power of unity where humankind come together for good.

Hannah Nijsten -  Dix

Nijsten will also present a series of abstract portraiture.

Nijsten’s work can be found in private collections internationally and public venues in London including Maison D’if and The Qube.

Hannah Nijsten - Ving Neuf
Hannah Nijsten - Sept
Hannah Nijsten - Global Sand Hannah Nijsten - Soft Interior, Strong Exterior
Hannah Nijsten - World Peace Hannah Nijsten - Character Reflection
Hannah Nijsten - Marli Hannah Nijsten - Wonder Woman
Hannah Nijsten - Old Soul Hannah Nijsten - Fiery Soul Olivier Mourao - After glass

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