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Olivier Mourao

Exhibiting Artist: Olivier Mourao

Brazilian-born UK-based artist Olivier Mourao pursues simplistic maximalist style in his practice. He aims to create intense moments of pure hedonism through a distinctive “closed eye” process. Spontaneity and simplicity play a key role in Mourao’s practice. He begins each artwork by drawing directly on a blank canvas with paint straight from the tube, then as part of his mixing process covers the paint and canvas with paper he has made by hand.

Olivier Mourao -  Sa’ Trincha Ibiza

Mourao's life as an artist is an inspiration to many, from his early years as an acclaimed child portrait painter in Brazil, to his style-defining years during which he met Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon. Later becoming friends with Salvador and Gala Dalí who exerted a great influence on his work.

Olivier Mourao - Victors way

Mourao’s work has been highlighted in more than 700 publications and 74 exhibitions around the world.

Olivier Mourao - Ugly Beauty
Olivier Mourao - Lockdown: Walking the Dog
Olivier Mourao - The hanging doll Olivier Mourao - Waiting
Olivier Mourao - Belly dance training Olivier Mourao - The Cello
Olivier Mourao - The Last Scene
Olivier Mourao - A ride Olivier Mourao - After glass

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