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+MAS: Arte Contemporáneo

Exhibiting Artist: To be announced

+MÁS Arte Contemporáneo gallery offers a panoramic look at Colombian art.

Crystall Marshall - Black Body II

The gallery focuses on the lush expressions that contemporary art offers and on how an artist’s philosophy contributes to shaping their work.

Crystal Marshall - Black Body III - Ascension

Creating a dialogue between some of the country’s most established artists and emerging ones by showing their works together at START, the gallery aspires to offer viewers an access to the origin, evolution, and possibly
a destination for the Colombian contemporary art scene, one whose richness has been present since its inception and whose many hidden gems still await to be unearthed.

Visitors to this exhibition will also discover how Colombian artists appropriate Western traditions, of which they are part, in their own peculiar way, never devoid of beauty, essence and intelligence.

Crystal Marshall - Wool IV
Crystal Marshall - Pure Lke Wool

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