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Exhibiting Artist: Philipp Humm

Managed by fine art photographer and curator Daniele Mah, London-based MAH Gallery hosts pop-up, mobile and sustainable art shows including exclusive events partnering with specialised organisers and galleries. The gallery also participates in selected international art fairs.

Philipp Humm - MMT

For START 2021, MAH is presenting British/German artist Philipp Humm. Having practised art his whole life, Humm however pursued a corporate career first managing technology companies before concentrating solely on art.

His work draws upon his life experience and is reflective and intellectually engaging. Humm is inspired by the colour palette of the Der Blaue Reiter being strongly tied to his German roots. Modern and evocative, his work has been labelled “Pop Expressionism” by renowned critic Edward Lucy Smith.

Philipp Humm - Tragic Hero

Humm studied at London’s Fine Art Studio and The Florence Academy of Art. He also holds an MBA and a BA in Philosophy. His work has been exhibited in the UK, US, Germany, Singapore and Italy.

Philipp Humm - Dialectic
Philipp Humm - Gretchen
Philipp Humm - Helena
Philipp Humm - Gretchen and Helena
Philipp Humm - Influencers
Philipp Humm - Riding the Devil
Philipp Humm - Minoean Bull Leaping

Philipp Humm - Anguished
Philipp Humm - Money Printing
Philipp Humm - Genius. Zealous

Philipp Humm - Pact
Philipp Humm - Talking to Spirits
Philipp Humm - Mythological End

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Philipp Humm - Resurrection

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