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Pedro Sousa Louro

Exhibiting Artist: Pedro Sousa Louro (Portugal)

Originally from Portugal, Pedro Sousa Louro moved to the UK to pursue his art practice. He graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 1997 and earned a second degree in Abstract Vision and Abstract Expressionism at Kensington and Chelsea College in 2011.

Pedro Sousa Louro - Chicago 1986

Pedro’s work reflects his dialogue with colour and geometry inspired by neoplasticism artists including Mondrian and Robert Rauschenberg, but is crucially influenced by cubist artist Ben Nickolson.

Pedro Sousa Louro - The Rabbi Chanted three
Pedro Sousa Louro - Reclaiming magic

Various materials come into play during Pedro’s process; textiles, reclaimed wood, old journals, and wallpaper. With canvas or wooden panels for a base, these are combined with rustic deteriorating metals created through a technique Pedro has developed using oxidising copper powders.

Pedro currently explores combining cubism and abstract expressionism in his work.

Pedro Sousa Louro - Belle Epoque Avril
Pedro Sousa Louro - Kitchen Window 7am
Pedro Sousa Louro - Black sea crossing code
Pedro Sousa Louro - Encrypted Compass
Pedro Sousa Louro - The Rabbi Chanted one
Pedro Sousa Louro - The Rabbi Chanted two

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Pedro Sousa Louro - Astronomical Joker one

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