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Marie Jordan

Exhibiting Artist: Marie Jordan (Monaco and South Africa)

Marie Jordan (b. 1958). After having played international basketball and county golf all her life Marie had to find a new outlet when health became an issue for her. With her love for travel, nature and the great outdoors, photography was an easy progression and became her next hobby. In 2011 Marie’s children presented her with her first camera and life took off again.

Marie Jordan - Glory Days

To date, Marie has sold many photography works in the UK and South Africa donating the proceeds to charity. Since her husband’s retirement from motor racing, the couple has spent their winters in Cape Town and Marie loves to travel in Africa. The photographs presented at START were taken in Kolmanskop, Namibia, once among the richest towns in Africa in the early 1900's before it was deserted and slowly reclaimed by the Namib Desert in the late 1920s.

Marie Jordan - Off The Hook
Marie Jordan - Blue Door
Marie Jordan - Hospital Hallway
Marie Jordan - Sun in the Bathroom

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Marie Jordan - Zebra Room

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