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JGM Gallery

Exhibiting Artist: Alice Wilson, Dominic Beattie, Karolina Albricht, Ralph Anderson

Founded by Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi in 2017, JGM Gallery is an exhibition platform for promoting contemporary art irrespective of origin. Located on Howie Street at the centre of the new cultural heart of Battersea, the gallery builds upon JGM Art, Maraldi’s earlier endeavour which served as the most distinguished source of contemporary Australian Indigenous art in the United Kingdom.

Alice Wilson - BS45

For START 2021, JGM will show a group presentation of four artists:

Alice Wilson who predominantly uses construction timber as her material of choice in a process she describes as painting with wood, pulling colour palette apart and reassembling them in both 2D and 3D constructions.

Alice Wilson - Dallas
Alice Wilson - KAIM

Dominic Beattie who works on a variety of surfaces that find their starting point in textile design, riffing off artists such as Sophie Tauber-Arp and Paul Feely.

Karolina Albricht who cites the connection to music and syncopated beats as a motivation to approach her canvases, working with oil on jute and various other mediums such as horse hair and pumices to develop the texture that her dynamic paintings pack a punch on every scale.

Ralph Anderson who developed a practice that separates brush marks through layers of masking which results in what he calls “cut-out paintings”, with the brush strokes separated from their original canvas to create sculptural paintings that sit proud of the wall.

Dominic Beattie - Untitled
Dominic Beattie - Untitled Pink
Karolina Albricht - No Face Floating
Karolina Albricht - Bone Marrow
Ralph Anderson - This Is For You
Ralph Anderson - Outside the Desert

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