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Gallery M Platform

Exhibiting Artist: Su In Choi (South Korea)

London-based Gallery M Platform presents South Korean artist Su In Choi’s first international solo exhibition at START 2021.

Su In Choi - A Fake Tomb

Choi draws abstract landscapes in pastel colours to express a raw and powerful energy. She explores the journey travelling through the fleeting moments of human connection in modern society, as any such moment would leave her with a sense of impulsiveness or chaos.

The recurring subject of Choi’s work is the hairy monster representing her desire to hide from the world. Whether depicting torrential rain, volcano eruption, stormy sea, or simply a symbolic triangle in the colour red, her canvas is saturated with the intense emotions she experiences post-human connection.

Su In Choi - A Waiting Position
Su In Choi - Hidden Flame
Su In Choi - A Precarious Position
Su In Choi - A Toothy Fellow
Su In Choi - Strange Pose
Su In Choi - Controllers

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