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Tommy Fiendish

Exhibiting Artist: Tommy Fiendish (UK)

London based artist Thomas D Wright aka Tommy Fiendish draws from a background in street art, tattooing and typography which are evident amongst the layers within his modern baroque paintings. Often experimental, Wright uses skills from past work as a sign writer and mural artist in addition to his primary medium of acrylic on linen to create thought provoking, darkly romantic and evocative works.

Thomas D Wright - Confession 2

Observations on daily contemporary living, investigative research and self- expression appear throughout the work and since 2020, conflicts between the engines of science and religion. Wright’s paintings frequently reference vintage imagery, placing them in contemporary paradoxical situations, often with a twist of macabre drollery.

Thomas D Wright - Kiss the Ring
Thomas D Wright - Screaming Medic 2
Tommy Fiendish - Pinned Leather 3
Tommy Fiendish - Grow in the Dark
Tommy Fiendish - Orange Swan
Tommy Fiendish - Cheating Death
Tommy Fiendish - Surgical
Tommy Fiendish - Flamingo on Spiral
Tommy Fiendish - The Remedy Stairs part 1
Tommy Fiendish - Spiritus

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