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Anna Dȯra

Exhibiting Artist: Anna Dȯra (Iceland)

Icelandic artist Anna Dȯra creates abstract, expressionist oil paintings influenced by the mysticism of her home country, inviting viewers to surpass physical and metaphysical boundaries to become who they truly are or aspire to be.

Anna Dȯra - Hopes and Dreams

Fascinated with texture and the variable depths that her materials create, Anna mixes layers of paint with lava dust and rocks native to Iceland to create a hard and rough surface, or with salt which over time organically results in the formation of beautiful crystal particles. She allows her materials to perform naturally, creating forms and patterns that suggest portals waiting to be crossed, or opening up hidden emotions and truths through various layers of texture.

Anna Dȯra - Northern Lights
Anna Dȯra - Big Bang
Anna Dȯra  - When in Rome

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