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Marek Boguszak

Exhibiting Artist: Marek Boguszak (Czech Republic)

Prague-based photographer Marek Boguszak started his photography practice at the age of twelve, choosing to spend time in the dark room exploring exposure techniques over play dates with his peers. He is inspired by renowned photographers including Josef Sudek, Ansel Adams, and Alfred Stieglitz.

Marek Boguszak - Divine Lagoon

After graduating in mathematics Marek worked as a sociologist and market researcher while photography remained his passion. He is inclined to explore the unknown and invisible, resulting in captivating abstract photography works.

Marek Boguszak - In the Theatre
Marek Boguszak -  Knight with the Lance
Marek Boguszak - Hourglass
Marek Boguszak - Snowdrops
Marek Boguszak - Blue Lilly
Marek Boguszak - Pristine Morning

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