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Mark Beattie

Exhibiting Artist: Mark Beattie (UK)

British award-winning sculptor Mark Beattie creates abstract sculptures using various metals ranging in size from miniature to monumental.

Mark Beattie - Double Helix

Each sculpture is unique and finished in a way that is sensitive to the material. He has developed a signature style through which his works contain movement and fluidity. Mark has recently started using neon which works in harmony with his metal work and has added a sense of energy to his practice.

Mark Beattie - Fracture II
Mark Beattie - Fracture Series

Mark has a strong academic background in art, having studied a BA Hons (International) in Contemporary Art Practice at Leeds University and more recently an MA in European Arts Practice at Kingston University, Surrey. 

To date he has exhibited in over 60 exhibitions, either in a group or as a solo artist and has a strong following of collectors worldwide. His work is in corporate and private collections throughout Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and the USA.

Mark Beattie - Fracture
Mark Beattie - Gold Neon Orb Mark Beattie - Red Neon Orb
Mark Beattie - Global Odyssey
Mark Beattie - Infinity Miniature
Mark Beattie - Silver in Black Tall Spiral and Gold in Black Tall Spiral
Mark Beattie - White Neon in Gold Spiral

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