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The Art Hound Gallery

Exhibiting Artists: Mark Illuminati, David Studwell

The Art Hound Gallery, known for its cutting edge cool and celebrity
connections, represents the fastest rising stars of the current art scene alongside the biggest names in Modern and Contemporary art.

Mark Illuminati - Spread a Little Anarchy

For START 2021, the gallery will present a stunning exhibition of important emerging British artists, including Mark Illuminati whose punk rock roots inspire his dynamic hand blown neon works, highly sought after and collected by Hollywood Stars and Sex Pistols across the globe, and celebrity favourite David Studwell and his unique exploration of Hollywood Babylon.

Mark Illuminati - Rainbow Punk Queen
Mark Illuminati - Queen in Residence Mark Illuminati - Live Fast, Die Young
Mark Illuminati - PunkA Princess
David Studwell - Steve McQueen - Blue
Simon Freeborough - Imperfection
David Studwell - Marilyn Monroe
David Studwell - Joe Strummer David Studwell - Joe Strummer
Simon Freeborough - Jimi Hendrix
David Studwell  - Pink Floyd David Studwell - Elizabeth Taylor
Harry Bunce - Sorry
Harry Bunce - Sorry

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