The gallery booths at START are complimented by a series of curated projects that draw further focus on emerging artists and new art scenes. START Projects have included the UK debut presentation of teamLab, Mahmoud Obaidi, ChimPom, Future Island by Mehta Bell and the debut performance by Liu Bolin.

Two of the main highlights were teamLab and Liu Bolin, teamLab an Ultra-Technologists group from Japan created a fully immersive installation at START 2015. It was a technological feat; a digitally generated landscape of blossoming flowers and butterflies that reacted to human touch.

Liu Bolin: The Disappearing Art, was a live performance by Liu Bolin and a highlight of START 2017. The artist was painted in situ against a specially commission installation made entirely from LEGO bricks, gradually blending into the background and becoming entirely invisible. The performance receive widespread success, featuring on Sky News, The Daily Telegraph and Evening Standard.

Liu Bolin went on to partner with luxury fashion brand Moncler for their Spring Summer 2017 ad campaign photographer by celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz.

START offers the ideal forum to truly engage with emerging art globally as well as in London.

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The Global Eye Programme's 'Korean Eye' survey exhibition of the region's most cutting-edge artists was credited with bringing the Korean contemporary art scene to the attention of the world.

Five years on, the group exhibition 'Perceptual Trace', curated by Serenella Ciclitira and Mehta Bell Projects, revisited key Korean artists who collectively address notions of memory and their perception of the past.

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Totem: Sacred Beings and Spirit Objects

Curators Mehta Bell Projects investigated the spiritual connotations of the totem as an object invested in ritualistic dimensions, in their diverse exhibition 'Totem: Sacred Beings and Spirit Objects'. The totem is traditionally an object or being that has spiritual significance to a particular society; based upon this ideology the exhibition explored the idea of the art object as a totemic emblem.

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Yunfeng Cong

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts’  pioneering postgraduate programme based on the practice and research of the traditional arts has expanded to include an Outreach Programme active in more than twenty countries across five continents; the Open Programme. START’s Project section focused of the work of Yungeng Cong.

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In Conversation with the Le Brothers

Rising stars Le Duc Hai and Le Ngoc Thanh are twin brothers born in 1975, the year the Vietnam war ended and the country was reunified.  The notions of duality and division are evident in their work, often highlighting binary tensions and concepts, also reflected as twin brothers making artwork as one.

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ChimPom - Eye Award Winners

ChimPom is an artist collective, which formed in 2005 and won the Overall Best Emerging Artist at the 2015 edition of the Prudential Eye Awards for Contemporary Asian Art.
ChimPom makes work about post-Fukushima Japan and deliberately employs humour and subversion to address themes such as nuclear and natural disasters and how society might re-emerge afterwards.

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teamLab is an Ultra-Technologists group made up of specialists including programmers (user interface engineers, database engineers, network engineers, hardware engineers, computer vision engineers, software architects), mathematicians, architects, CG animators, web designers, graphic designers and artists. .

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Jethro Buck

Jethro Buck is a painter with a special interest in Indian miniature painting. He applies Traditional techniques to explore and celebrate the natural world often using hand ground natural pigments.  
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Mahmoud Obaidi - Baghdad Manifesto

he Iraqi-born artist Mahmoud Obaidi (b.1966 Baghdad) is a multi-disciplinary artist who spends his time between Qatar and Canada. Much of his recent practice is rooted in exploring the recent history of Iraq. At START, Obaidi’s presentation entitled Baghdad Manifestouses domestic appliances such as kitchen knives and sink plungers to create darkly humorous objects that gesture towards the recent history of conflict in Iraq.  
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