The Artist

Yunfeng Cong (b.1990, China) works in painting, drawing and mixed techniques. In his works, traditional methods and stylized cultural forms, the use of modern technology can be found. Boundaries between different traditions, future and past are broken in his works, which is the artist's attempt to reach the supreme ultimate state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential by practical and formal approach. For him technology is a way of revealing, a way of decoding universal principles underneath all different cultures, and simultaneously the essential reflection upon technology and decisive confrontation with it happens in the realm of art.

Based in Beijing, Yunfeng Cong paints landscapes on silk and rice paper, shifting boundaries between traditional Chinese painting and contemporary art. He creates new connections between computing technology, Yin and Yang, heaven and earth. While his binary zeros and ones, hand-drawn in ink, materialize scenes they also indicate their virtual, de-materialized existence, prompting reflection on the relationship between technology and art.

Yunfeng Cong - Binary Outer Space Odyssey No.1
2017, Ink on silk, 31.6 x 200 cm

 Yunfeng Cong - Binary Landscape of Outer-Space II
2017, Ink on silk, 31.5 x 200 cm

Yunfeng Cong - Binary A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains 
 2016, Ink on silk, 86 x 2000 cm 

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