Duality, conflict and identity

The notions of duality and division are evident in their work, often highlighting binary tensions and concepts, also reflected as twin brothers making artwork as one. In their video work 'The Bridge', which was on show as part of the Vietnam Eye: Blood, Sweat and Tears exhibition at START art fair, the past divisions of their country are implicitly alluded to, with each brother seeming to represent each region, uniting and disbanding across a bridge throughout the film. The sense of struggle, restriction, tension and strain is explored through a ritualistic binding of one other with rope and red string. The artists will discuss their practice in the wider perspective of the South Asian and global art scene.

This sense of duality, conflict and identity can be the broader context in which to read the South East Asian art scene against the global art market. Co-Founder of the Global Eye Program and START art fair Serenella Ciclitira and South East Asian Art specialist Loredana Paracciani discussed their work with the Le Brothers and showcasing the South east Asian art scene on a global platform.

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