Perpetual Trace

The term 'Perceptual Trace' references one of the states of memory required in relation to a human's motor skills. It is described as 'a reference mechanism that forms the basis of the subject knowing the correctness of a response as learned'. This concept of how a response is learned is an idea that connects the artists in this exhibition, and these works demonstrate a deliberate 'unlearning' and playful subversionary of traditions, culture and heritage. These carefully selected works suggest a fascinating shift and defiance of pre-conceived notions of 'Orientalism', authenticity and one's identity. They also investigate how individuals recall and reimagine events and moments from the past in ways that blur the lines between reality and invention. These works challenge perceptions of place, time, identity and nationality and highlight how we all fall victim to these misconceptions. 

Meekyoung Shin - Translation Series
2017, Soap, pigment, fragrance and varnish, 39 x 20 x 20 cm 
Sangjin Kim - Air Purifier
2011, Air purifier, real flowers, water and glass frame, 80 x 160 x 100 cm, Edition 1/3 
Chan Hyo Bae - Existing in Costume Thomas Cranmer
2012, C-print, 230 x 180 cm, Edition 1/7 
Seung Wook Sim - No.1 Object A
2015, Polyvinyl acetate resin, 74 x 60.5 x 41 cm 

The Korean Eye exhibitions created a wave of interest in contemporary Korean Art and even prompted one Korean artist to release a music track in honour of the event. Here it is with some visuals of the events.

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