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W Doha Hotel & Residences hosts the START Doha contemporary art fair as part of The New York Times ‘Art for Tomorrow’ Conference


W Doha Hotel & Residences is all set to play proud host to contemporary art fair START Doha that is being held in collaboration with the third edition of The New York Times 'Art for Tomorrow' Conference. Spread over the hotel's 29th floor, the exhibition that is open for the public to partake in will see the START Gallery taking over the raw, industrial space from March 10 to 13.

START Doha Art Fair will focus on the overarching theme of The New York Times 'Art for Tomorrow' Conference, which is 'Boundaries, Identity and the Public Realm'. It hopes to showcase these ideas through inspiring solo presentation exhibits in an organic cross-cultural exchange. START Doha benefits from the successes of START London, now entering its fourth year, and from the expertise of Saatchi Gallery CEO Nigel Hurst and leading artist and curator Mahmoud Obaidi who will both be in attendance.

Speaking about the introduction of the START Doha Fair to The New York Times 'Art for Tomrorow' Conference, Safak Guvenc, Area Manager of Qatar and Oman and General Manager for W Doha Hotel & Residences said, "It is a real honour to host The New York Times 'Art for Tomorrow' Conference for three years in a row. The addition of START Doha Art Fair is an active effort from the W Doha to contribute to the breadth and depth of the art scene in the country. It will be a venue for a memorable intercultural exchange between artists and guests from conference attendees to the public. We can assure everyone that this is only the beginning of our commitment. We will be in the near future mounting several events that focus on supporting up and coming talents around the globe."

START was founded by David and Serenella Ciclitira, both honorary fellows of the Royal College of Art. The couple also created the Global Eye Program, an initiative that aims to provide artists with the platforms, support and recognition they need to develop their careers. This passion and commitment is something they hope to convey through the START fairs.

Galleries participating at the event are included by invitation only and feature an engaging collection of solo artist presentations. Some of the names to watch out for at the event are:

1. Montoro12 Contemporary Art
a. Faig Ahmed
2. Hafez Gallery
a. Raeda Ashour
b. Filwa Nazer
c. Adel al-Quraishi
d. Maïmouna Guerresi
e. Osama Esid
f. Ibrahim el-Dessouki
g. Mohammed Zaza
a. Al Hassan
4. Owais Hussain

Montoro12 Contemporary Art
Montoro12 Contemporary Art was founded in 2012 by contemporary art historian Ursula Hawlitschka, with the aim of exhibiting young Italian artists and bringing international contemporary artists to Rome. Montoro12 is delighted to be showcasing the work of Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed.

Hafez Gallery
Based in Jeddah and founded in 2014, this gallery serves as a space to nurture both Saudi and international art talent. Hafez Gallery presents contemporary works by by Saudi Artists Raeda Ashour, Filwa Nazer and Adel al-Quraishi, as well as photography works by Italian artist Maïmouna Guerresi and Syrian photographer Osama Esid. In addition, painting works by Egyptian artist Ibrahim el-Dessouki and Syrian artist Mohammed Zaza will also be exhibited.

Established in 2012, Anima Gallery is located on the beachfront of the man-made island The Pearl in Qatar. The gallery represents emerging, mid-career and established artists working across a broad range of styles and mediums. ANIMA Gallery has quickly become an important part of Qatar's cultural art landscape and is presenting a solo show by renowned Qatari artist Ali Hassan.

Owais Hussain
For Owais Husain, the phrase 'No one story to tell' characterizes not only his varied experiences and influences, but also the multi-disciplinary artist he has become. The idea that the artist is a sort of cartographer, a storyteller charting the visual lexicons of their time for the next generation, is a core theme of Husain's work. Using film, photography, painting, sculpture, installation and poetry - in various combinations or on their own - Husain creates visually textured works that both reference his roots in a traditional Indian figurative style and embody his constant pursuit to evolve and contemporize that iconography.

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