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This Weekend, Go To an Art Fair That Doesn't Feel Like one


The granddaddy of London's art fairs, Frieze London, is only a few weeks away. Before that, this weekend affords the opportunity to catch START art fair.

START is a bit different to your usual art fair, in that it's a manageable size. So there's no risk of art fatigue, from seeing too much of the stuff in one go.

It's also held in the Saatchi Gallery, a more natural setting than the empty aircraft hangar-like venues you sometimes get.

An assortment of daggers in the dark work of Mahmoud Obaidi.

There is a good mix of work here. Projects range from the bright and colourful light-filled installation of a garden by Sumakshi Singh, through to Mahmoud Obaidi's videos featuring knives, torture and a bloodied corpse — political pieces which have a particular resonance for this Iraqi born artist. It's not the kind of dark and gritty political art you'd find at a typical art fair

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