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Smashing stuff…London’s art world wakes up with a bang



Destructive urges sated, I started Wednesday with a lunch for the opening of the START art fair at the Saatchi Gallery, where I was placed opposite the artist Sumakshi Singh. Now based in New Delhi, Singh spent years teaching at the Art Institute of Chicago, and has recently been following an international exhibition schedule so hectic that she describes herself as a 'nomad'. Examples of her work on show atExhibit320's stand were among the highlights of the fair: carpets pulled apart so that only connecting threads remained, leaving a palimpsest of leaf-like impressions. Dazzling stuff, and, surprisingly, only her first showing in London.

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Menina of Ship- Ina Minduiz Studio Mindiuzarte #START2017 https://t.co/K45vXSBBqL
Fri 18th Aug 2017