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Watch exclusive videos created by #STARTgalleries


Today we are excited to be pressing play, or START, on the launch of our brand new video series – a series, which is exclusive to START art fair. These are bite-sized videos encapsulating the unique environments of each of the galleries, the cities in which they inhabit and their respective artists.

Over the coming weeks you will taken on a tour of the globe courtesy of the START galleries and their artists. This is gallery produced content unique to START – videos that have been created by them, for you.  

We kick off the series with Studio Pivot – Art Hunting and Counseling based in Rome, Italy.

Studio Pivot – Art Hunting and Counselling takes an alternative approach to exhibiting and marketing art, curating a programme of exhibitions, cultural events and initiatives in unconventional spaces across Rome.

Simone Cametti, Costruzioni, 2008, cage welded and light, Courtesy of artist and Studio Pivot

From its inception in 2012, the association has promoted and supported young contemporary artists, reviving public interest in contemporary art in the process. Inspired by the French ‘pivot’, meaning hinge, the Studio places an emphasis on the collaborative steps that make up artistic projects.

Founded by four specialists from the fields of art history, writing, architecture, and events administration, Studio Pivot offers a strong commitment to art in Italy’s capital city.

Tindàr, Presa di Coscienza sulla Solitudine, 2011, Pencil on canvas, 300 x 300cm, Courtesy of artist and Studio Pivot


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