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#STARTgalleries Video Series Round Two


Immerse yourself in the creative universes of START's global exhibitors and their artists with a second series of video clips from the fair's Instagram.

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts | Sam Mara & Lee Westwood

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in London encourages its students to reflect on the philosophy inherent in traditional methods. 'A Hidden Order' meditates on the relationship between geometry and music - wind down with its tessellating shapes and cool glockenspiel.

Kashya Hildebrand | CHOKRA

Kashya Hildebrand's roster explores fluid social identities. Combining multilingual rap with surrealist visuals, UAE performance artist CHOKRA. Watch them here at their glittery best.

Gallery Koo | Yun Kyung Jeong

Korean-based Gallery Koo showcases a crop of young painters. Here, Yung Kyung Jeong rolls acrylic paint in fabric to create her signature mix of delicate patterns and soft colour washes.

Galeri Chandan | Cheritera

Galeri Chandan is the winner of START's Most Promising Asian Gallery. Its creative project 'Cheritera' means storytelling in classical Malay language. Sit comfortably and wait for the tales to start with video artist Haris Adabi in this playful clip.

Yone Arts | Brang Li

Yone Arts promotes cultural exchange between Myanmar and the international art community. Daubed in soot, Brang Li's paintings' imagery reflects his Kachin tribe heritage. Watch as he clouds his works with matchstick smoke.

+MAS: Arte Contemporáneo

Gold-enamelled pebbles, crashing waves, cityscapes and neon signage – just a teaser of works from +MAS: Arte Contemporáne's contemporary Colombian artists.

Fehily Contemporary | Gosia Wlodarczak

In this extract from her work 'The Light Beam', Melbourne-based artist Gosia Wlodarczak draws in mesmerising symmetry. Fehily Contemporary are dedicated to local artists like Gosia as well as those from the broader Asia-Pacific region.

Gallery 9

A painterly montage of the best from the Sydney-based Gallery 9.

Hugo Michell Gallery

Get down to this hip-hop backed reel of Fiona Lowry's melancholy paintings, Trent Parke's speckled street portraits and Tony Garifalakis' faceless autocrats from Australia's Hugo Michell Gallery.

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