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Adrian Wong | Prudential Eye Zone

An interview with Prudential Eye Zone artist Adrian Wong (Hong Kong).

Nazrin Mammadova & Farkhad Farzaliyev | Yay Gallery 

Azerbaijani artists Nazrin Mammadova and Farkhad Farzaliyev discuss the local art scene in Baku, and their work on show at Saatchi Gallery with Yay Gallery.

Jody Paulsen | BRUNDYN+ 

Jody Paulsen's work was presented by BRUNDYN+ at START Art Fair. The Cape Town artist is inspired by fashion and consumerism. His felt work 'Back to Life' draws upon motifs found in Phoebe Phillo's collection for Chloé including objects from dancehall culture, Vogue branding and the iconic Eiffel Tower. According to Paulsen, the mural is a prophecy to 'what women want,' whilst his work entitled 'Euroboys' encapsulates a sense of instant gratification.

Christopher Page | LAMB Arts 

Artist Christopher Page discusses his work on display with London based gallery, LAMB arts at START Art Fair.

In Conversation: Arcadia Missa & Jesse Darling

Arcadia Missa director Rosza Farkas and exhibiting artist Jesse Darling debate the meaning behind post-internet art and how technology mediates your experience. The Peckham-based gallery shared a booth at Saatchi Gallery with Mexican gallery PRETEEN, their relationship was formed through a twitter romance.

Sama Mara & Lee Westwood | Prince's School Of Traditional Arts - START Art Fair

A Hidden Order is a collaboration between geometer Sama Mara and composer Lee Westwood, exploring the relationship between music and geometry.

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