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This specially curated section of the fair showcases some of the most exciting and important work being made by emerging artists in Asia today. The Eye Zone will continue to feature work of the hugely successful Global Eye Programme which has held large-scale international group exhibitions surveying new art regions, each fully contextualised with accompanying books published by Skira. To date, the Programme has focused on Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Exhibitions include Korean Eye (2009 - 2012), Indonesian Eye (2011), Hong Kong Eye (2013), Malaysian Eye (2014), Singapore Eye (2015) and Thailand Eye presented by Prudential (2015 & 2016).

In 2015, the Eye Zone showcased selected artists and artworks from the Singapore Eye exhibition which was held at ArtScience Museum, Singapore last year as part of the celebrations around the 50th year of the country's independence. Singapore Eye was the first major exhibition dedicated to Singapore's contemporary art scene and featured the work on 17 artists exploring issues such as identity, history, culture and the environment. This focused selection brings highlights of that exhibition and Singapore's exciting art scene to London audiences.

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